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This yr Christmas comes on Sunday

This yr Christmas comes on Sunday

2022 is a uncommon yr when Christmas comes on Sunday.

How usually does that occur? I’m not a calendar knowledgeable, however by my calculations we take pleasure in a Christmas Sunday solely about as soon as each six years. It’s not exact, since intercalary year shoves every thing forward at some point each 4 years.

Suffice it to say {that a} Sunday Christmas is comparatively uncommon. Sufficient so to make this a special occasion for these of us whose religion and hope relaxation completely on that child born in Bethlehem.


This Christmas might be a day when these of us with primary Christian religion will collect to name out to all who belief in Jesus, “O come, allow us to adore Him!” With extra bonafide emotion than regular, we worshipers can cry out, “Pleasure to the world! The Lord is come!”

I feel I’m telling the reality once I confess that for many of us who put on the title of Jesus, weekly worship usually turns into a bit perfunctory. We undergo the motions, we recite the phrases, we sing the hymns, however our hearts too usually are some other place and our minds are in impartial.


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