INTRODUCTION TO MARCH LESSONS: Unfaithfulness is a painful phrase. It’s painful for the wounded occasion, for certain, however it’s also painful for the one who wounded. Recognizing one’s unfaithfulness simply could be step one towards grace. The sooner of the Minor Prophets—Amos, Hosea, and Micah—will assist us perceive that. These eighth-century BC Minor Prophets cried out in opposition to Israel’s (and Judah’s) unfaithfulness. God’s punishment for his individuals’s unfaithfulness would come from Assyria and Babylon. College students will study the development of returning to God by looking for God’s forgiveness and mercy, getting assist for one’s brokenness, and getting again on the path of righteousness. 

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Unit: Minor Prophets (Amos, Hosea, Micah) 
Theme: I’ve Been Untrue 
Lesson textual content: Hosea 11:1-7; 14:1-9; Psalm 32:1-7  
Supplemental texts: Psalm 51:7-19; Luke 19:1-10; 1 John 1:8-10 
Intention: Return to the Lord you who’re smart and discerning. 

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Mark Scott

The theme for Hosea could be, “Good Information from a Troubled Dwelling.” God’s love for his individuals was on show at Hosea’s home. This minor prophet had married Gomer, who was untrue to him. However Hosea had bought her again as an object lesson for Israel. Hosea 11 is likely one of the nice love chapters of the Bible. Hosea 14 is likely one of the stronger confessional chapters of the Bible. Psalm 32 celebrates the liberation that comes when one goes from unfaithfulness to confession. 

Love Behind Forgiveness 
Hosea 11:1-7 

Repentance towards God is one thing we do, however his love creates the setting that causes individuals to need to reply favorably to him. Hosea 11 is likely one of the most tender chapters in Scripture. God bares his coronary heart on this textual content. God likened his love for Israel to that between a father and son. Regardless that the son rebelled in opposition to his father with idolatry (Baals and incense) and unhealthy political alliances, God nonetheless beloved them, delivered them, taught them, and cared for them.  

God’s love prompted him to redeem them out of Egyptian slavery. Matthew 2:15 quotes this verse and, by means of typological interpretation, applies it to Jesus’ popping out of Egypt. Jesus is, in spite of everything, the New Israel. God carried out the duties of dad by instructing his kids methods to stroll. On a regular basis it was God who healed them, led them (with cords of human kindness), and eased the yoke from their jaws so they might eat. The NIV would possibly take too many liberties by saying, “I used to be like one who lifts slightly little one to the cheek.”  

Israel continued to courtroom assist from Assyria and Egypt. However that was like asking for assist from one’s enemies. God would use the enemies’ swords to punish Israel. The individuals known as on God Most Excessive, however it was solely lip service—not heartfelt religion. God was prepared to surrender on Israel, however alas, he couldn’t (Hosea 11:8-9). He beloved them an excessive amount of. 

Knowledge Behind Repentance 
Hosea 14:1-9 

God compassionately pleaded with Israel to repent in Hosea 14. He wished them to return to him. The phrase means to “flip round.” Regardless that their sins had brought about their downfall (stumbling), God coached them to make an apology and admit that making alliances with the enemy and worshiping idols (what our personal fingers have made) wouldn’t finish effectively.  

God agreed to heal their waywardness and love them freely if they’d simply present the knowledge to show to him. God would flip his anger away from them. He even likened his tenderness towards their repentance to a number of similes. He can be like dew within the morning—refreshing (not like using that very same determine of speech in Hosea 6:4 regarding Israel’s loyalty). He would trigger Israel to blossom like a lily. He can be like one of many cedars of Lebanon that may develop majestic and tall along with smelling good. He can be like an olive tree (one of many important crops in Israel). He can be like flourishing grain and plentiful wine. A few of these similes even have messianic connections. He can be like a flourishing juniper (like a cypress or fig tree). 

Clever (crafty) individuals and discerning (perceptive) individuals perceive the best methods of the Lord. They are going to stroll in these methods even when the rebellious (transgressor) stumble in them. Knowledge all the time lies behind real repentance. 

Confession Behind Freedom 
Psalm 32:1-7 

Right here we transfer from the guide of Hosea to a Psalm that celebrates the enjoyment of pleading for and receiving God’s forgiveness. Some students imagine that thematically this Psalm comes after David’s repentant track of Psalm 51. The primary two verses declared the happiness of the forgiven particular person. When God covers their sin and doesn’t depend their sins in opposition to them it’s a blessed second.  

However David appeared again to his unconfessed state in verses 3-4. Life was not good. His bones wasted away, he went about groaning (roaring) all day lengthy, he felt God’s heavy hand on him, and he felt as if his energy was sapped as within the warmth of summer season. However as soon as David got here clear and acknowledged (knew) his sin, he felt freedom that solely God might give. His transgressions and guilt had been forgiven.  

The liberty skilled by means of forgiveness gave David large safety. He likened it to not feeling afraid when mighty waters rose up. He knew God had change into his hiding place (assume Corrie Ten Growth). David skilled songs of deliverance and safety. There is no such thing as a unfaithfulness that God’s forgiveness can’t attain.  

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