Home Life Christian Life Academy Honor Roll | Group Information

Christian Life Academy Honor Roll | Group Information

Christian Life Academy Honor Roll | Group Information

The next college students at Christian Life Academy had been named to the principal’s listing or honor roll for the second quarter grading interval:

Principal’s listing

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kAmkDEC@?8mvC256 bk^DEC@?8m — u2C29 u6C@Okay[ tC:42 %J86CEk^Am

kAmkDEC@?8mvC256 ck^DEC@?8m — v23C:6==6 sF>@Ek^Am

kAmkDEC@?8mvC256 e —okay^DEC@?8m (6?EH@CE9 u@?Okay@okay^Am

kAmkDEC@?8mvC256 fk^DEC@?8m — +2492CJ |2JC2?Ek^Am

kAmkDEC@?8mvC256 gk^DEC@?8m — y@D6A9 $@C6?D6?[ y6DD6 sF>@Ek^Am

kAmkDEC@?8mvC256 hk^DEC@?8m — r2C>@?5J y@9?D@?[ (6D=6J $4966Ck^Am

kAmkDEC@?8mvC256 “okay^DEC@?8m — p=6I #@586CDk^Am

kAmkDEC@?8mvC256 `ak^DEC@?8m — tC:<2 w6A=6Ck^Am

k9bmw@?@C C@==okay^9bm

kAmkDEC@?8mvC256 bk^DEC@?8m — y24@3 !6E6CD[ ~=:G6C (@Okay?:2<[ p==:D@? |2CE:?okay^Am

kAmkDEC@?8mvC256 ck^DEC@?8m — |2EE96H q2<6C[ p??:6 q65@H[ !2C<6C q:4<6=[ p2C@? v66C[ $632DE:2? $:>@?okay^Am

kAmkDEC@?8mvC256 dk^DEC@?8m — y@D9F2 w64<6E9@C?[ 2C:2 $49H23k^Am

kAmkDEC@?8mvC256 fk^DEC@?8m — xD2:29 vC2>=6J[ t>:=J w6:>[ y2?2 w6?CJ[ vC246 %C:<FCk^Am

kAmkDEC@?8mvC256 hk^DEC@?8m — tE92? sF>@E[ t>>2 u=6>:?8[ p?5C6H w6?CJ[ @29 $2?@D<:[ (J2E $9@CEDk^Am

kAmkDEC@?8mvC256 `_k^DEC@?8m — $2G2??29 q:D9@A[ {2?5@? y@9?D@?okay^Am

kAmkDEC@?8mvC256 “okay^DEC@?8m — sJ=2? w6?CJ[ {F<6 #@36CED[ s2?:6= $@C6?D6?[ s2=6 $H@86Ck^Am

kAmkDEC@?8mvC256 `ak^DEC@?8m — q6? |2JC2?E[ x2? $4966Ck^Am


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