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Books shouldn’t steer kids from Christian rules – Shaw Native

Books shouldn’t steer kids from Christian rules – Shaw Native

In response to Sharon McLane’s letter (Jan. 5) which quotes writer Meg Medina as saying that pulling books “from a faculty library due to the discomfort they create in adults is a recipe for catastrophe … erodes the belief younger folks have within the adults of their lives … pushes them into secrecy … [and] undermines the studied opinion {of professional} librarians and educators….”

Since when is it acceptable to completely entrust educators and librarians with each the ethical and academic upbringing of our youngsters?

Sure, they’re paid to teach our youngsters within the fundamentals of academia, however permitting any kind of e-book in colleges and libraries, no matter morals, neighborhood requirements, or spiritual upbringing, solely serves to confuse the kids and steer them away from the Christian rules on which this nation was based.

Adults taking a stand for what their children are taught and uncovered to doesn’t erode their belief or push them towards secrecy. It makes them respect having mother and father robust sufficient to show them the morals, truths, and requirements wanted to turn out to be clever and discerning adults themselves.

Medina’s opposition to the concept “that there’s one model of life that’s acceptable” is definitely not false, as she claims, however has come to be seen as such due to clouded considering. This nation was based on Biblical rules, no matter what number of disagree, and the one actually acceptable model of life is one ruled by the requirements of the one true God.

Dave Fox



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