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Be a trustworthy steward | Powell Tribune

By Miles McNair

Faithfulness is one thing we search for in others. We search for it once we are interacting with our coworkers. We search for it once we are discovering pals and once we are in search of a partner and we encourage our kids to develop it. Properly, that is no completely different from what the great Lord needs to search out in us. In reality, it’s directed to us in 1 Corinthians the place it declares, “Furthermore, it’s required of stewards that they be discovered trustworthy.” As stewards of the gospel of Christ, we’re to be diligent within the duties that Christ has given us and the questions we should always ask ourselves are these: What am I required to be trustworthy to, and am I being trustworthy? 

I might record a large number of issues that we needs to be trustworthy to as Christians, such because the sanctity of life, the sanctity of marriage, the feeding and take care of the downtrodden, and I might go on however I gained’t. Actually we will cease on the main and the remainder will fall into place, that main being faithfulness to dwelling a righteous life in love with Jesus Christ. I do know this appears simplistic however the Christian life is straightforward — love Christ and once we do that we are going to hold his commandments, as his instructions aren’t grievous to those that love him. With that stated we’re Individuals and we would like an inventory, a step-by-step for a greater relationship, and a deeper love for Christ. Properly, right here it’s: learn your Bible and pray. Communication with God is that easy. In prayer, we discuss to God and align our will together with his. In studying, we’ve a response that’s ample for all issues that pertain to life and godliness. So will you be discovered trustworthy when the son of man comes? I don’t know however I do know this, you gained’t be in case you neglect these two easy issues.

(Miles McNair is the connections pastor at New Life Church of Powell.)


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