Islam got here to the area within the early seventh century, when the Muslim military defeated Jerusalem in 636. The outlet reported that the mosaic flooring of the church weren’t broken by iconoclasm — the destruction of spiritual pictures — despite the fact that Islam prohibits displaying icons and pictures in public.

The Occasions reported that the nave of the church is almost totally preserved. The nave is the middle a part of the church the place the laity prays, kneels, and praises throughout liturgy. An elaborate mosaic of vine braids and animal depictions covers the nave, The Occasions reported.

The Civil Administration stated the church was constructed with supplies that weren’t from the native space, together with marble and black bitumen stone, the outlet reported. 

The Civil Administration stated it could have been a tough job to move these supplies to the realm, which signifies the builders of the church had wealth, the outlet reported.

A 3-meter-long Greek inscription commemorating two public figures who donated to the development of the church, Georgios and Nonus, was additionally discovered within the church, The Occasions reported.


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